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Get FREE home treatment guide for your child.

Reviewed by the best doctors

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Dr Prabhakar
Family Physician


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Dr Rehman
Family Physician

MBBS, FRACGP (Australia)

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I love how easy it is to get home remedies that are relevant to my child’s age.

Mother of 2 kids, Bangalore

I use it whenever my kid falls sick. I finally found a place where I can get trusted and usable information.

Father of a child, Hyderabad

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Know when to see a doctor

By answering simple yes and no questions you can remove the guess work in deciding when to see a doctor.

Get recommendations on medication

Know exactly what medications are used to treat your child’s illness along with the dosage and when to use it.

Home remedies that help your child

Many illnesses are short-lived and respond well to home remedies, use a home remedy that suits your child.

Selfcare measures

You can try a number of self care measures that help in the recovery of your child.

Foods to take

Foods your child takes during illness can be critial in helping your child recover quickly.

Foods to avoid

There are a large number of foods that you want your child to avoid duing illness. These foods can exacerbate or prolong illness.

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